About us

Peak Performance Group

Peak Performance Group was founded in 2015, with the launch of New Territories Bootcamp. There had always been an abundance of health and fitness options on the Hong Kong Island, but not much was offered in the New Territories, so our coaches decided to provide a great option for those who reside in or work in this area of Hong Kong to get active.

New Territories Bootcamp

With the initial launch of New Territories Bootcamp, our goal was to provide a group workout setting where different levels of fitness were catered to, and that anybody, no matter what their current level of fitness, would not feel intimidated to partake. We had clients with a wide range of fitness coming to us, from young college athletes to elderly mothers to your average office worker. We strive to provide a group workout where our clients not only get a great workout, but are also able to build a strong bond with our group. Through a variety of exercises and games, our goal is to provide workouts which are not only results oriented, but also fun and enjoyable.For those looking for a little more attention to their particular workout regimen and diet, we also offer one on one personal training. Whether you are seeking to lose weight, build up muscle, or improve your health overall, our coaches have the experience and expertise to assist you in reaching your goals.

Meet Our Trainers

  • Personal Trainer

    Seb became a personal trainer based on his passion for strength and fitness and is a natural bodybuilding and Hong Kong powerlifting champion (2012, 2...

  • Personal Trainer

    Daniel started his involvement in the fitness industry upon his return to Hong Kong, after spending most of his life in Vancouver. He had always had a...